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Natural flavours and fragrances

Concentrated natural active ingredients

Eco-extraction of natural flavours and fragrances

Our innovative microwave eco-extraction technology, which is fast and free from chemical solvents, enables the extraction and concentration of aromatic molecules for the creation of natural food flavourings and fragrances. This process is profitable and natural, as well as being ecologically responsible. These active ingredients can be formulated in several ways: liquid extracts; native or distilled floral water; hydro-distillate; and essential oils.

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Natural food flavourings

Tougher legislation is pushing the food industry to replace artificial flavourings with natural, healthier alternatives. Food flavourings are used to flavour or enhance the taste of consumable products. These can take the form of essential oils, floral or distilled water, extracts and concentrates, etc.

We can extract any aromatic molecule from any plant using our controlled eco-extraction process. Even the most complex molecules are within our reach thanks to our state-of-the-art technology.

Natural fragrances

The perfume and cosmetics industry finds its inspiration in the plant world. They use concentrated aromatic molecules found in plants (leaves, flowers, wood, roots, fruit, vegetables, etc.). By using microwaves, we can extract unique scents that are very close to those of the plant itself. Essential oils and floral, native or emulsified floral water allow you to reinvent your fragrance collections. Moreover, starting with fresh plants (minimum 40% water) Antofénol extracts your fragrance molecules without adding any extra water and within a very short extraction time.

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Our natural eco-extraction technique using microwaves allows us to produce concentrated natural active ingredients in an eco-responsible manner.