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Natural Cosmetics

Extracting nature’s bounty

Innovation that results in more natural and more effective cosmetics

The cosmetics industry is constantly on the lookout for new functional ingredients that are safe, effective and profitable for inclusion in their formulas. In order to remain competitive, as well as addressing the banning of certain harmful ingredients (dyes, preservatives, etc.) and the growing demand from consumers for natural and environmentally-responsible products, the sector must be constantly innovating.

Nature is a great source of inspiration, full of active ingredients that can be used to develop innovative natural products. A rich resource that can be extracted in an environmentally-responsible way to create tomorrow’s potent and environmentally-friendly cosmetics.

The cosmetics industry in search of potent and concentrated active ingredients

Highly concentrated ingredients are the source of a product’s effectiveness. The cosmetics sector has a real need for highly-concentrated, eco-designed active and functional ingredients in order to create products that meet users’ expectations. Anti-wrinkle, moisturising, toning, etc. The need for new active ingredients is pushing the cosmetics sector to adapt through constant innovation. All the functional ingredients needed for developing potent new cosmetics can be found in nature. Plant-based eco-extraction captures all the concentrated active ingredients that are so valuable for the cosmetics industry in an ecologically-responsible way.

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Customised Eco-extraction

Sourcing and eco-extraction

Sustainable sourcing, respect for the surrounding communities, their ecosystems and their health is paramount for the sector. Nature offers a huge plant world, but it is not an inexhaustible source. The development of new products must not be at the expense of people and nature. A crucial parameter to take into consideration is sourcing, as protecting the environment is no longer an option. .

Plant extraction releases active ingredients that form the functional ingredients of many cosmetics products. The chosen extraction technique must extract as many molecules as possible from the plant used in order to remain cost-effective and environmentally responsible.

Our innovative, natural microwave eco-extraction technology is faster, greener and more cost-effective than conventional technologies.