Protect your crops effectively and naturally!

Our mission: to protect crops while preserving the environment and health

Our solutions harness the natural defense systems of plants. We collect, without chemical solvents, the molecules responsible of these mechanisms to develop effective and healthy biocontrol products.

Antoferine for crop protection

This is how Antoferine was born, a natural, effective antifungal made from by-products not used by vineyard estates. As a natural antifungal solution, Antoferine has many possible applications. It protects crops from pre-harvest diseases such as apple scab, grape downy, potato late blight and Fusarium wilt. Antoferine also protects from post-harvest diseases for a better preservation of fruits and vegetables.

As a viable substitute for chemical antifungals, Antoferine empowers farmers to enhance their yield by minimizing losses. Our biocontrol solution addresses the current economic, environmental and health challenges.


Release dates

The Antoferine approval dossier for marketing authorization is ongoing with commercialization from 2026.

Research and development of biopesticide solutions

Antofénol is continuously condutcing research and developing new products in its laboratories to fulfill the requirements of the agricultural sector.

Using our innovative eco-extraction thecnology, our R&D teams create products that minimize resource consumption, offering efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solutions. Our products are eco-designed, sustainable and have no harmful impact on users.