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Biopesticide and Eco-extraction

Protect your crops effectively and naturally!

Antoferine – an antifungal agent that is as natural as it is effective

Our mission: to protect crops and safeguard the environment and health at the same time. Our solutions use the plants’ own natural defence systems. We extract the molecules that trigger these mechanisms, without using chemical solvents, in order to develop effective and safe biopesticide products. Using this biomimicry process, Antofénol has created its flagship product: Antoferine – an effective natural antifungal agent produced using previously unexploited vineyard waste.

Antoferine for crop protection

As a natural antifungal solution, Antoferine has many possible applications. It fights pre-harvest diseases like apple scab, downy mildew on grapes, late blight on potatoes and fusarium on wheat. In the post-harvest phase, it ensures the protection and preservation of fruit and vegetables against diseases like those that affect apples, bananas.
A real alternative to chemical antifungals, antoferine allows farmers to optimise their yields by limiting their losses. This biofungicide meets the current economic, environmental and health challenges.

Upcoming key dates

The marketing approval application for Antoferine, our biopesticide solution, has been finalised and submitted. We expect registration and marketing approval for the US market in 2024 and for Europe in 2026.

Eco-extraction and circular economy

Antofénol has developed a unique eco-extraction process to extract the compounds used in its biocontrol products. As part of a circular economy approach, we use our innovative eco-extraction technology to exploit agricultural waste. Each vineyard produces an average of one to two tonnes of unexploited waste per hectare. The useful molecules are extracted from the vine wood and then used to make Antoferine.

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Research and development of biopesticide solutions

In its laboratories, Antofénol is continually researching and developing new products to meet the needs of the agricultural sector. With our innovative eco-extraction technology, our R&D teams develop products that use minimal resources to create efficient, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solutions. Our products are eco-designed, sustainable and have no harmful impact on users.

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