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Food and Nutraceuticals

Good, safe and natural!

A shift in food preferences towards natural products

Between sustainability, performance and market expectations, the challenges facing the food and nutraceutical sectors are considerable.

In search of transparency, traceability and guarantees regarding the products they eat, consumers are increasingly attentive to the composition of foodstuffs and prefer those without artificial ingredients (preservatives, additives, artificial colourings…).

Concerns about food and supplements are growing and the search for natural products, while not new, responds to a need for reassurance.

To meet this demand, the food and nutraceutical industries must adapt their formulas and offer truly effective, natural, eco-designed alternatives with the same concentrations and properties.

Go for the most natural!

Significant regulatory changes have led to a need for the food and nutraceutical sectors to innovate and launch new products to meet consumer expectations. To comply, they must replace chemical compounds in their formulas with natural and eco-designed active ingredients (flavourings, fragrances, preservatives, etc.).

The eco-extraction process is an attractive, economical and profitable solution. It offers concentrated plant extracts without the use of chemical solvents, allowing certain labels to be obtained. With this technology, manufacturers can offer consumers more natural and environmentally-friendly products.

Labels: a much sought-after selling point

In response to consumers’ need for reassurance and natural products, labels guarantee a product’s composition, ingredients and processing. These represent key levers of differentiation in hyper-competitive markets. The certification process involves compliance with a set of specifications of varying degrees of stringency. Sourcing, ingredients, traceability and extraction process are some examples of the criteria used. Eco-extraction is a rapid and ecological technique that ensures sustainable sourcing and traceability of ingredients.