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Antofénol, creator of natural solutions through eco-extraction.

An effective and natural alternative to chemical and phytosanitary products!

The only one of its kind in Europe, our innovative technology enables plant eco-extraction using microwaves on an industrial scale. Fast, natural and chemical-solvent-free, this process permits the development of sustainable solutions that respect the environment and your health
Our expertise provides turnkey or customised solutions : biopesticide, functional ingredients, flavours and fragrances for the agricultural, cosmetics and food sectors.
Antofénol – eco-extraction from inside plants in order to protect the future

Our Markets

Efficient and natural plant extraction solutions on an industrial scale to meet the current economic and environmental challenges of the agricultural, cosmetics and food sectors.

Our markets

Our Solutions

Effective, safe and natural alternatives using our innovative eco-extraction technology to meet your specific needs.


Do you need to effectively protect your crops without using chemicals that are harmful to the environment and human health? The Antofénol biopesticide solution is an efficient and cost-effective alternative for addressing your needs.

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Functional ingredients

Are you looking for innovative and unique functional ingredients? Antofénol’s specialist laboratory produces highly concentrated natural extracts without using chemical solvents.

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Customised solutions

Are you looking for a new ingredient or specific properties? Our teams of experts offer you personalised support in carrying out your projects by recommending the extracts and plants best suited to your needs.

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