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Inside plants

Interview with Fanny Rolet, CEO and Founder of Antofénol

Find out more about Antofénol’s background, mission and commitments, brought to you by our creator, Fanny Rolet.

It all started over a glass of wine

Antofénol – going inside plants to protect the future

Our initial observation was simple: plants are necessary for all life, both human and animal. Nature is unique and precious, so it is essential that we look after it. Developing the plant world was thus an obvious choice.

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”
(A. Lavoisier).

Deeply human and committed, we embarked on this adventure on the basis of one challenge: to create rapid, effective and accessible alternative solutions to chemical products. Constantly on the lookout for new technologies, our teams combine the circular economy and biomimicry to offer useful, potent and natural solutions. Adaptation and creativity have enabled us to develop our innovative microwave eco-extraction technology to address your needs, in harmony with environmental issues.

“The realities of nature exceed our most ambitious dreams”. (A. Rodin)

By offering us infinite possibilities, nature inspires and guides us to develop ever more innovative solutions and to optimise our environment. We are passionate and determined to pursue our mission with boldness and diligence: offering sustainable alternatives to chemical phytosanitary products, for the well-being of our planet and our health.

Our values

The Environment

working to protect natural resources and health.


creating solutions that meet the challenges of tomorrow.


tackling the human and scientific challenges that drive us every day.


passing on the passion and expertise by training future generations to continue our mission.


evolving and adapting to the world, the environment and Human needs.

Our commitments


The guarantee of quality services and the continual improvement of our processes is reflected in our ISO 9001 certification process.



Health & Safety

The protection of our employees and customers is central to all company decisions.


Producing our eco-extraction solutions is part of a recycling process.

Circular economy

Waste recovery is a priority in order to limit environmental impact.

3 research and production centres in France

Antofénol has three different research and production centres across France.

It all started in 2014, with the founding of our first site in Montpellier, where our natural and innovative eco-extraction technology was developed. Today, our laboratory is dedicated to microbiological testing and the approval process for our solutions.

Five years later, following the company’s development, a second centre was set up in Brittany. In 2019, the Plestan site became our new headquarters, our R&D laboratory and a pilot factory capable of producing our solutions in semi-industrial quantities.

Finally, the foundation stone for our third site will be laid in 2024. The construction of a next-generation factory in the town of Le Thor in the Vaucluse region of France marks Antofénol’s continuing development. With an area of over 6,000 m², we will be able to industrialise our innovative eco-extraction process on a large scale. This new factory is special in that it produces all our solutions with a zero-waste policy. The site will use the residues from our eco-extraction process to create energy, which will then be reinvested to power 50% of the production.

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Our teams

Without its staff, Antofénol would not have achieved what it has done so far. Antofénol does not grow on its own. The whole team supports the project, brings it to life and ensures its growth . It is through our employees’ talent that we fuel our creative force for a greener future.

Find out more about our Montpellier and Plestan teams, who put their determination to work every day in service of their commitment to the environment, and in anticipation of exporting our strength and determination to the Vaucluse region.

The construction of our new factory in Le Thor will allow us to boost our human resources dynamic and attract ambitious new talent.Discover our teams.

Discover our teams