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Customised natural solutions

Innovation for tomorrow’s products

Customised development for your specific extracts

Antofénol supports you at every stage of your project, establishing precise specifications and offering customised services, including sourcing, laboratory-scale testing, biochemical classification of extracts, biological activity testing, scale-up and industrial production. Our technology enables us to rapidly extract and classify all the useful molecules in the plant. Our natural innovative eco-extraction technology uses the least amount of resources possible to produce the active ingredients for your products, in full accordance with your requirements. We produce all types of extracts, including dry, liquid, native or distilled floral water, hydro-distillates and essential oils. We work with selected raw materials to obtain these plant extracts, using all types of biomass, and including flowers, wood, fruit and roots. .

Preparation of the specifications

Our experts are on hand to provide you with precise solutions to your requirements. Depending on the market, its issues and the target molecules, they prepare the specifications for you, together with the most accurate cost estimates. The extraction protocol developed is designed to meet the objectives set in order to obtain the specific plant extract containing the desired properties.


Sustainable and responsible sourcing of plant material

To meet our quality and sourcing requirements for the best plants, Antofénol has created the business unit Socanto, with access to a network of suppliers that have been rigorously selected with respect to their strict purchasing policies. Our partnerships open doors for us around the world, particularly in Asia, Africa and Europe. They enable us to ensure respect for the ecosystem and the traceability of products, while promoting the circular economy by making maximum use of agricultural co-products. We check and test each batch of plants for purity before admission into the production cycle.

Here, Jean-François ROLET in mission for a sourcing in Asia

Biochemical classification of extracts

Our state-of-the-art machinery enables us to classify the biochemical molecules in the plant extracts with precision:

  • Une HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography),
  • Two UPLC (Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography) devices;
  • An Orbitrap ID-X (high-performance mass spectrometer).

Our mass spectrometer, the Orbitrap ID-X, enables us to identify any type of molecule, regardless of the extraction method used.

Biological activity testing

We maintain a mycotheque of thirty plant pathogens. It allows us to carry out microplate tests over 72 hours to ensure the antifungal effectiveness of our products. We also perform antibacterial and other biological activity tests through our network of partners.

Laboratory-scale testing

Once the protocol has been set, we move on to laboratory-scale testing using our 32L pilot extractor to carry out the following steps:

  • Feasibility and production capacity checks
  • Extraction of useful molecules
  • Concentration of molecules
  • Freeze-drying and/or atomisation

Our 3 kW microwave extractor extracts the useful molecules. This tool can also work under vacuum or at low temperature in order to preserve the most sensitive molecules.

Scale-up and industrial production

Before the first industrial batches are produced on our 450 L 75kW microwave extractor, we check the industrial feasibility and ensure the conformity between the large-scale production and the extract obtained in the laboratory.

Microwave extraction for improved efficiency

More efficient than conventional extraction techniques, our natural and innovative microwave eco-extraction technology optimises the yield of specific molecules from the same volume of raw material.

Learn more about our innovative technology for rapidly extracting all the molecules you need without using chemical solvents.