Active ingredient

Synonyms: Functional ingredient/Useful molecule. Specialty ingredient Active ingredient

A component with a specific effect.

Antifungal agent

Destroys or prevents the growth of microscopic fungi (moulds).


Drying process involving the removal of moisture from the product using hot air


Various solutions to protect plants against different diseases, insects and pests.


The total mass of living matter existing on any given surface of the Earth.


Technical imitation of the processes used by nature.

Biochemical classification

Study of the precise composition of a molecule.


A process of purification by boiling followed by condensation of the vapour in another vessel.


Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Distilled floral water

Distillation of plant water without adding additional water

Native floral water

Plant water without solvents


All the activities aimed at limiting the environmental impact of communities’ daily activities.


Discovery and design of extraction processes that reduce energy consumption and use alternatives to petroleum solvents, and an innovative renewable plant resource.

Circular economy

Consists of producing goods and services in a sustainable manner by limiting the consumption and wastage of resources and the production of waste.


Extraction is a separation process in chemical engineering and laboratory chemistry which consists of extracting a chemical substance, i.e. taking one or more chemical substances from a solid or liquid mixture.


Disease affecting plants (dates, carnations, asparagus, etc.), caused by fungi of the genus fusarium.


Biosourced solvent facilitating the extraction of aromatic compounds.

Essential oil

An aromatic liquid extract generally obtained from a plant through steam distillation, concentrating its volatile active ingredients.


Distillation of plant water with added water.


Refers to preparations composed of alcoholic extracts dissolved in water.


Synonym: Hyperfrequency waves

Very high frequency radiowaves, above about 1,000 MHz (hyperfrequency radiowaves are often referred to as microwaves).

ISO 9001

A standard that sets out the requirements for quality management systems.


A special label or mark created by a trade association and affixed to a product intended for sale, to certify its origin, quality and compliance with manufacturing standards.


Dehydration, reduction of a substance to powder.

Downy mildew

A disease caused by tiny fungi, which attacks various plants.


Place where a collection of fungi is kept.


A substance extracted from a foodstuff that has a beneficial effect on our health. This substance can be found in the form of powders, tablets or food supplements.


Refers to all food supplements with a beauty-related action.

Plant pathogen

An agent that causes disease in plants.

Phytosanitary product

Synonyms: Plant protection product, pesticide

A product developed from chemical substances to treat or protect certain plants from contamination by certain diseases.

Phytochemical profile

Description of the molecular structure.


A molecule with a crude formula.

Scale up

Increase in the scale of production.

Chemical solvent

A substance that has the property of dissolving, diluting or extracting other compounds without chemically modifying them and without modifying itself.


Includes all activities carried out in order to find raw materials.

Mass spectrometer

Physical analysis technique for detecting and identifying useful molecules by measuring their mass and classifying their chemical structure. It is based on the separation of charged molecules in the gas phase according to their mass/charge ratio.

Apple scab

Disease caused by a fungus.


Ability to identify the origin and reconstruct the route (of a product) from production to distribution.