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Functional ingredients through eco-extraction

Eco-designed concentrated active ingredients

Eco-extraction of functional ingredients

Functional ingredients are the key to effective cosmetics, nutricosmetics and nutraceutical products. Our innovative microwave eco-extraction process, which is both rapid and chemical solvent-free, is able to extract useful molecules from any plant. These highly-concentrated substances form the active ingredients needed to develop your formulas.

Our mission is to support your search for new ingredients and the development of your products by creating innovative and eco-responsible active ingredients in various forms:

  • Liquid extracts: aqueous, hydroalcoholic, glycerol, propanediol
  • Dry extracts: spray-drying and freeze-drying
  • Native floral water: plant water free of solvents
  • Distilled floral water: distillation of plant water without adding water
  • Hydrodistillate: distillation of plant water with added water
  • Essential oils: distillation of aromatic vegetable oils
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Natural cosmetic active ingredients

Cosmetic active ingredients are used in the production of cosmetics (make-up, skincare, hygiene, haircare and suncare products) and have specific properties that solve targeted problems. The source molecules for these active ingredients are often taken from natural products, particularly plant-based (plants, algae, vegetables, fruit, cereals, etc.), using our eco-extraction process.

Food supplements: nutricosmetics and nutraceuticals

Food supplements in the form of capsules are very fashionable these days. They act on several levels depending on the active ingredients selected, either in terms of beauty (nutricosmetics) or health (nutraceuticals). Food supplements can be made up of several active ingredients, depending on the desired effects.

Antofénol can supply a range of functional, natural, aromatic and nutritional ingredients with scientifically-proven beneficial effects to support all your food supplement requirements.

Other functional ingredients

flavours and fragrances